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Market of applications

The market of applications on smartphones and tablets explodes.

A new way to communicate, to be informed, to play or to discuss, applications invade our lives.

Based on recent studies, the market is expected to double this year.


Apple, the market leader, totals 3 billion of application downloads.

And this is only the beginning because the appstore, which now offers more than 300,000 titles, is enriched with more than a hundred of new applications per day.

You should know that for the end of 2010, 7 million of smartphones were sold, 1 of 2 was an Iphone.


Google, for example, has intention to regain is positionnning on the market with a new operating system Android and hiring of engineers to develop applications. In October 2010, there were more than 100 000 applications on Android Market, including 35,6 % that require payment.


Perhaps being developed to the small extend, blackberry market app world, allows users of this smartphone to download paid applications from 0.95 cts.

For 2011, Gartner Institute foresees a turnover of 15.1 billion for this sector.

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