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Web review: the Web En3Mots # 1

Social media

Facebook for children under 13 years
June 4, 2012, source: FrenchWeb

Facebook, the social network to more than 800 million registered users on

users under the age of 13.

The social network does not allow children under the age of 13 to create an account, but this constraint is largely bypassed.
A Consumer Reports study found that 5.6 million accounts are opened by young teenagers who lie about their age.
So today Zuckeberg Marc and his team think about new features for children to open an account and adapted under parental control (control required to stay in line with U.S. law). And the giant will expand its database to the delight of brands.

More to follow.


A new logo for Twitter
June 6, 2012, source: Golem 13

Twitter has relooked its logo. More refined, slightly inclined, the bluebird is more like the social network. Also, with enough notoriety, “t” already does not make part of the social network identity and the “twitter” was attached to the bluebird

The new logo is already implemented on the net through the links, widgets and websites using the logo. Mobile applications as regards to it are to be updated soon to reflect the new Twitter graphic.



Foursquare, a new version
June 7, 2012, source:

Geolocation social network Foursquare has a new look in the version 5.0.

Program’s new look and new features.


  • The tab “friends” now has larger photos for easy navigation.
  • The check-in button is moved to the top left of the screen
  • The visuals representing places to be checked are cleaned.
  • The navbar is simplified, three elements instead of five (friends, explore, browser).
  • Introduction I like and I do not like, as an icon, to describe the locations and activities of friends.
  • l”Explorer” tab now allows displaying locations and friends around the user in real time, avoiding a manual search.



PepsiCo has established a partnership with twitter for its last campaign called « Live for Now »
June 5, 2012, source: FrenchWeb

The objective of this campaign is to use music to boost Pepsi product lines.

During summer, the brand will use twitter to spread downloadable music and live concerts. The aim is to the brand subscribers to vote on the music played on his Twitter feed, for instance followers can influence the choice of the next song, thereby changing the course of concerts.

By this Pepsi seeks its image to be associated with music and concerts. The Brand in collaborating with such artists as Katy Perry will benefit from their reputation to win new audiences and develop the target audience.



Facebook Launches App Store
June 8, 2012, source: FrenchWeb

As it was announced last May, Facebook has found another way to generate income by having own sore of mobile application. Its “App Center” consists of 600 applications for Android and iOS, its difference in comparison to its competitors consists in adding a dose of social in order to keep as long as possible users in the Facebook ecosystem.

For example, the App Center will provide users with personal recommendations and will enable them to see the applications uploaded by his friends. It will also offer high-quality applications, selected by people who use them.

App Center was launched yesterday in the United States and will be available in the rest of the world in the next few weeks.



Com’ Digitale

The website Margiela
June 5, 20122

The ready-to-wear brand Margiela has launched a website that brings together all the essential sites where the brand is present. Facebook, Google map, Youtube, Wikipedia, Tumblr and its e-shop.

The site integrates the sites as windows. Window selection is made via check boxes in the header.

Specifically, these floating windows are just a glimpse of fixed size, which refers to the highlighted site


Advantages: : An overall view on the brand web universe with direct, intuitive and original access to the various sites where it is present.

Disadvantages : No dynamic.


Evian invents the object used to order the water from the fridge
June 6, 2012, source: Golem 13
An idea of BETC digitalEvian launching its service “Evian home» has developed a connected innovative object e which allows water ordering and its delivering control.
This small object of a sleek design, hangs on the fridge as a magnet. With a simple click, you can order and have it delivered to the Evian water home at the desired time.
The water drop is connected to wifi via Internet. It consists of a microcontroller, an LED display, a wireless chip and a battery running for a whole week.

It is intended to be commercialized in 2013.

With the drop, you will forget about back pain after the five floors with a water pack 9kg



Mad Men

Laurent Habib launches Babel
June 6, 2012, Source: Les Echos
Former chairman of Havas and Euro RSCG CEO, Laurent Habib launches major project, set up his own agency, Babel. He has already established a base of 180 employees by buying three specialized agencies. The first, «Ligaris» a corporate agency.
And «Plan créatif» an agency specializing in design and innovations.
Finally, «Ministère», a web agency expert in CRM, e-commerce and data.
With this new agency, Laurent Habib hopes to “cause a small revolution in the world of communication.” Babel is a global agency with 60% of its workforce dedicated to the web


The figures of the week
June 7, 2012, source: Médiamétrie

  • more than 9 of 10 of mobile users (90.6%) visited at least one site
  • 7 of 10 (68.9%) visited at least one mobile app connected from their smartphone.



A stuffed cat helicopter
June 4, 2012, source: 7sur7

A Dutch artist a real aviation lover has decided to give a second life to his deceased cat by transforming it in a helicopter.

Stuffed legs stretched each equipped with a propeller engine in his abdomen and voila ready get off the ground!

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