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Brands expand their universe

This week En3mots agency summarizes the tendencies of some brands intending to expand their universe and their impact – either in alliance with other brands before different audience, either by acting and communicating where they were not expected. Surely the digital plays the leading role in these new adventures, some of which are surprising and striking, others possibly considered to be too risky…
Transavia passes through Canalplay to offer low-cost travel
Air France the low-cost airline often alliances with other brands that nobody could expect. After e-bay and #byebye campaign they now chose Canalplay to offer #Holidaysondemand. What is the principle? Every film is related to a destination that viewers can easily get as if they have ordered the said film or a pizza. A creative way to draw attention and give impression that nowadays traveling is not at all a luxury.
Vuitton x Final Fantasy
Being on a roll due to its image of perfectly luxury brand, Loui Vuitton surprises by a new energy choice: this is Lightning the heroine of Final Fantasy video game. Not being of flesh and bone this new face of the Serie 4 collection is more known to gamers than principalities and palaces. However in 3D, very sharp and sexy, the beautiful Lightning is not on her first catwalk: she has been already highlighted by the house of Prada to present its men’s collection Spring-Summer 2012. An audacity that brought the Italian brand at the top of disruptive communication, if compared to other luxury homes and that is on full power for Vuitton whose campaign that was widely relayed and commented by the press. For more information, including the links between this marketing choice and the deep ties of Louis Vuitton with contemporary art, read the article LV series
Hermès x Apple Watch : a top level meeting?
The fruit of another combination of luxury and techno being very surprising at first sight, the
Applewatch announced by the house of Hermès in September 2015 and launched the next month has caused a real stir. Two successful quest of absolute, two visions of minimalism and two highly desirable brands, generated considerable commentary and maintenance via tweets and retwitts. However, once holding in hand this very desirable object of luxury and techno, many Internet users and journalists were disappointed. Despite the reputation of this much awaited product, its design is considered to be too standard. Should they have invoked a third designer company? In any case we will see if the meeting of two brands will extend the limits of their reign by referring to the first sales figures.
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