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L’iPad in figures on 1st January 2011

The betting of the iPad isdefifnitely won, that is proved by the latest figures related to the digital tablet from Apple.

They show that some 805,000 units were sold in France.

This corresponds to about 6% of the global fleet of iPads, which is estimated between 12 and 14 million tablets.


For 2011, the forecasts for worldwide sales increase up to 28 million units.

60% of users are from CSP+ and the average usage time is 2 hours per day.

A digital tablet is an explant support for e-books and digital newspapers.

  • E-books were accounting for 10% of sales in the United States in 2010 and would surely reach 15% or even 20% very quickly.

However, a digital book does not replace the printed book, it likely reinforces the last one that is stated by publishers: more an individual is digital books consumer, more he is the paper books consumer.

  • Just like Rupert Murdoch, British billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, put on the iPad and has launched a new magazine, The Project, specifically designed for the Apple Store.

The iPad is already for today a mean of communication support.

Some feared that, contrary to the success story of the iPhone, users do not confirm (expensive product, less functional than a laptop).

Yet when being at the rendezvous, consumers have once again shown their favor to Steve Jobs. They finally adopted this product that managed to invent new consumption modes on multimedia and the Internet.

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