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TAG and Graffiti in the Palais of Tokyo : Operation Bloggers

Promotion of the TAG exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

Free exhibition on Saturday, February 13 Monday until 12h, February 15 until 14h.
Auction of works organized by Pierre Bergé in favor of SOS Racism, Monday, February 15 at 19h

At the initiative of SOS RACISM, chaired by Dominique Sopo, a set of fifty paintings of the greatest international artists of Tag Graffiti have been performed on the subject having strong resonance “Touch not my friend.”

A large audience can find this free art during two days of exposition and acquire works at a charity auction to benefit SOS Racism.

Thanks to the generosity of Marc-Olivier Wahler, Director General of the Palais de Tokyo, where the event takes place, for three days Paris will become the center of a strong cultural project, linked to the brotherhood.

Alain Dominique Gallizia expert in TAG, after the success of his Tag exhibition at the Grand Palais and his intervention for the exhibition ” Né dans la rue” at the Fondation Cartier is asked to bring together artists and works.
Passionate collector, having already met the most important painted testimony this art, he responds with enthusiasm to the project and provides his studio in Boulogne Billancourt, the permanent place of exhibition and creation, a real “hive” of Tag.

These artists, authentic “Knights of the street,” offer the public a wide range of talents … for today indispensable in the history of art.

The study Pierre Bergé & Associates to lead the sale Monday, February 15 to 19 hours, immediately responds present at the chain of solidarity.

In presence of Pierre Bergé, sponsor of SOS RACISM, Antoine Godeau, the auctioneer of the study and all other volunteers get involved to make this sale a resounding success.

“To their noble generosity it is necessary to add the ours to offer another street fight that of brotherhood and equality, weapons of defense.” (AD Gallizia)

Artists exhibited:
3DT, Akise, Andrew, Ash, Bando, Blitz, Broner, These, Chaze, Colorz, Crash, Dize, Duro Echo, Ether, Ezo, FenX, Fridriks, Ghost, Goze, Horfe, Jace, Jay, Jonone, Klass, Kongo, Atlas, Lazoo, Lek, Like, Met, Moze, NASCIO, NEBAY, Nel / Swen, Poes, Pro, Psyckose, Quik-Zee Rammell, Rap, Reso, Revolt, Seen, Shoe, Shuck2, Skki, Spirit, Swizz,
T-KID, Team, Toxic, Utah, Vision, Wire, Yeemd,

And for the first time a canvas Taki 183, pioneer and legend of this art.

Two thirds of the sales will be reserved for the benefit of SOS Racism, third to artists.

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