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10 golden rules for submitting a contest on Facebook

With over 600 million members and 500,000 more per day Facebook has become an attractive commercial tool for advertisers. But do you know the rules of use to be respected?

Indeed, it is possible for brands to organize contests on Facebook by creating a fan page. At this page it will be enough to create a game application in a specific tab. This game could attract a large number of fans and be compatible with community animation strategy of the brand.

Here are 10 golden rules to implement a contest on Facebook:

1- To observe the conditions for Facebook use: Attention! Facebook allows the implementation of the game on the platform, but does not undertakes the responsibility. Therefore this sentence is to be mentioned on the application: « This promotion is not managed or sponsored by Facebook. The information you provide will be passed to [recipient (s) of information] and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for [what you have intention to do with the information provided by the user].

You must also specify the rules of the game as Facebook does not manage the game and does not undertake responsibilities in the event of any problem.

It is forbidden to organize a contest on the wall of the page and as well as to use Facebook social functionality as a condition of entry to the game For example, it is forbidden to say “leave a comment on my page to be drawn” or provide dotation to the game that has the most number of “like”.

In addition, it is possible to restrict the game to fans of the page be indicating the words« BECOME A FAN to participate in our contest” but be attentive with choice of words!

Do not ask members to “CLICK on become a fan to participate in our contest.” It is better to encourage them to become a fan by showing that when becoming member of “the club” they have access to internal information.

2-Sabmit your contest regulation to a bailiff.

Even if the drawing at the end of the contest does not demand their supervision by a bailiff, we advise to do it especially when dotation is rather valuable. That’s why our agency offers a service « déposez vos jeux » allowing you to submit a contest and its regulation for bailiff validation. Do not forget as well that no purchase is necessary for a contest thus it is not possible to earn coupons.

3-To create original and attractive visual: to increase the visibility of your brand or product that you want to promote. Furthermore on Facebook the limit of the image size is 520 pixels wide.

4-To increase your number of fans encouraging them to “like” your page in order to have access to your information and the terms of the contest.


5-To offer attractive dotations: Focus you on first prize for which the fans participate. Still try to offer different dotations to attract a diverse range of consumers to be wider.

6-To announce the game a few days before its start: And not in very big advance not to lose the attention of participants. Do your best to announce in different places that is to say not only on Facebook page but also on your official website.

7-To make tab of the contest and your home page tab: to increase your game visibility and effectiveness as well as to attract more participants.

8-To develop an advertising campaign on Facebook: through Facebook Ads you can choose your target to promote your products and determine the terms of your ad and your budget. This will also allow you to attract users attention to the network and reduce the cost of game acquisition.

9-To keep studying and carefully recorded registered data: but do not ask too many questions to ensure quick game registration. Refine therefore questions based on how you plan to use them.

10-To calculate the efficiency of your contest and campaign: and use the data in a targeted manner and not by sending bulk mails that could be treated as spam. You must segment the database of participants.

Now that you have all the keys in hand to use Facebook for business purposes, do not hesitate to contact our service DEPOSEZ VOS JEUX for setting up your contest safely.


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