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En3mots ( ) digital agency “new generation” signs iPhone application and puts the scope of popular science mobile

Universcience, grouping the Cité des Sciences et del’Industrie in Paris and the Palais de la Découverte just develloped an iPhone application in cooperation with the agency En3mots., WebTV scientific weekly Universcience is at the intersection of television, the Internet and the news magazine, offer through their Weekly Video grid of weekly programs fully renewed every Friday with 15 new videos related to science, technology, environment and health.

En3mots, a digital agency of “new generation”»

Founded in 2004 by three brothers and sisters, digital agency En3mots is now a specialist of technical development on the web, Facebook and mobile.

Being human scale, the agency knows customers supporting in their marketing strategy. Responsive, creative and abreast of trends, mastering all new web tools En3mots goes hand in hand with advertisers to maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Just graduating from Dauphine, Polytechnique and Sciences Po, the three founders En3mots joined theur complementary skills. They decided to invest a space that fascinates – Internet. The launching of the web 2.0 confirmed that quality content on the internet new media (blogs and webzines) is an indispensable asset to make shine brands. They establish close relations with the “big influencers” if the areas of luxury, fashion, beauty and culture.

Due to quick success they work with the clients such as Bulgari, Gérard Darel, La Roche Posay and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris (Exposition Basquiat).

In parallel, in the context of being an advisor to brands in their launching on the Internet, the agency is positioned on websites design and technical implementation (brochure and e-commerce) the content of which is often is often developed by the editorial team. Large companies trust to as: Antique Perrin, the Théâtre du Palais-Royal, American Vintage, American College …

Since 2009, being sensitive to the exponential influence of Facebook and the explosion of the smartphone market, the agency specializes in the web Facebook and mobile applications design. Working internally with designers, graphic designers and developers being dedicated for each area, agency with fifteen members staff, has been able to develop advanced applications sometimes on in very short terms.

The latest achievement of the agency En3mots –, an iPhone app that puts the scope of popular science mobile

Lien iTunes : is the weekly WebTV scientific Universcience, the new facility which includes a Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie et le Palais de la Découverte.

At the crossroads of television, Internet and the news magazine, offers through its Weekly Video a grid of programs fully renewed at weekly basis every Friday with 15 new videos about science, technology, the environment and health

Three-quarters of programs are the original productions signed by Universcience in co production with multiple partners (Scérén CNDP, research organizations, universities, production companies).

The ambition of universcience. tv is to renew genres and formats by making innovations in new forms of audiovisual writing, and in order to reach not only lovers of audiovisual and information science but also broader audiences, more younger as well, including the most reluctant on the science

Over 1000 films are archived in the VoD universcience. tv which include both products of all scientific audiovisual partners producers and actors involved in the scientific culture in France.

Finally a blog offers access to backstage and making-off universcience. tv which seems to be a laboratory in the field of new digital media.

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