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American Vintage : Operation Bloggers

Here is the exclusive campaign called bloggers that we currently organize for American Vintage.

For today there are 50 American Vintage looks bloggers to win.

Course of the campaign :

November 8, 2009 :


10 bloggers chosen total look American Vintage in the concept store in Neuilly privatized on Sunday for their shopping session.

This event was video released and directly on the participating blogs, the official website and on Facebook.
There are more than 5000 connections we got through 15 countries and tens of thousands of comments in the chat.

From 24/11/09 to 9/12/09

We have developed a mini-site contest allowing the users to win the look their prefer the most (among the 10 looks composed by bloggers).

During15 days, blogs participants were dressed in the colors of the brand American Vintage that insures a high visibility to the operation.

Clicking on the link to discover the operation by:

Here is an overview of the operation presence through the blogs:

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