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Business digital developer

DATABOOK is a web software enabling to handle sales catalogue creation and updating.

Your project management team directly updates a products database. Our information system generates independently and in one click visual reviews of the catalog.

This solution allows to get rid of the agency’s expenses related to catalogue as well as round trips that take a great deal of time. So this is considerable savings in time and money. This also eliminates the problem of obsolescence traditionally associated with publications. Therefore, a sales catalogue tool is always up-to-date and fully plays its role in supporting sales forces.

More updating is frequent, more the number of references is important, more DATABOOK is useful for a customer.

principe of operation



Whom this solution is devoted to?
This solution is devoted to all the companies that:

  • update their catalog of products on regular basis to provide it to their commercial forces, trainers or customers,
  • are targeted to internal resources optimization by using a simple and automated solution enabling to streamline this tedious and time consuming task.

What is the point of this solution?
After its setting up, this solution allows the internal team of the company, not having graphic or technical competence, to proceed in full autonomy to updating in real time of the catalog and to generation of this catalog in PDF.

Does this solution adapt to the constraints and design of my catalog?
Yes, it is perfectly adaptive. Our technical team develops and integrates your page templates in order to get 100% similarity with the last version of your catalog.


Information materials homogenization and centralization to get:

  • a PDF catalog with a dynamic index,
  • a catalog ready for printing,
  • product sheets with unique templates.

Flexible catalog modification:

  • product by product,
  • products in whole with simple system of texts and photos uploading.

No need in coming and going with returns to an executive agency:

  • no risk of duplication by designers,
  • possibility to provide the sales forces with 1 updated catalog severe times a year.

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