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Facebook : figures evolution

Social networks have a growing success that makes them essential in modern communication. According tostatistics by Nielsen published in March 2009, the social networks are used more than emails.

If some between them as MySpace remain unavoidable , Facebook have the most impressive growth and the greatest enthusiasm, to the extent that every new statistics on users number is already outdated at the moment of publication.

Developed in 2006, it has 150 million users worldwide in January 2009.
The French version was put online in March 2008. The total time spent on Facebook between December 2007 and December 2008 increased by 566%

A view on its evolution gives an idea of its meteoric increase.
Evolution of French users the number:

-April 2007: 106000
-February 2008: 1.3 million
-June 2008: 3,000,000
-October 2008: 4.1 million
-January 2009: 6.7 million
Mars 2009 : 9 million

Some additional details on users profile and the way they use this network:

-55% of women, 45% men
-95% of Facebook members at least once have used an application
-52% of members log on weekly

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