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Google opens own boutiques

The wave of online sharing between communities is always trendy.

Google opened a personalized online boutique; a platform fashion new generation.

After launching Google shopping (buying guide in the search engine), Google opens

This new boutique offers a personalized shopping experience, it was launched due to help of such designers like Oscar de la Renta, bloggers like Pandora or Jane and stars like Salma Hayek.

A launch party was held in New York in late November. Bloggers have announced their departure for the “big apple” on invitation of Google without specifying the reason of this trip.

Then, information came via blogs and the press is not just a listing of products, but a new experience of online shopping, visual and tailored to each consumer. The site uses the computer image analysis and artificial intelligence to analyze the preferences of users and thus to offer the adequate products.

Everyone can create a boutique; registration is quick and easy, less than 10 minutes to have an active and personalized account. Thereafter, the user may be followed or follow another shop, and create a network.

Exemple : For a See by Chloe dress, the user will be able to click Love or Hate and different responses box, explaining his choice

The site offers excellent visibility for brands. In addition, there is a possibility of sharing for registered persons to the attention of non-registered, the “share” option allows to share a product or its boutique with friends or its network via twitter and email.

The site already has an iPad app. is in BETA mode and refers only on models for women in English, although Google intends to develop the site in a short term with translation for the first time and why not open the male universe.

Here is the video explaining the site.

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