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Fashion brands and Iphone applications

In the section “style de vie”, Zara application output on December 15, 2009 is one of the few fashion brands to be present on the store application. But this is one of the most downloaded applications of this section.


This application was very well received (by the number of downloads which positions itself on 16th place in top free apps iTunes ranking), it has a real function: to present the new collectionsand follow the new receipts on weekly bases through photos, lookbook collection for all seasons.


Users opinions

Onl’app store : « “Finally … but a little slender,” “Good but …” “Not bad”

Some users expect more of this application and criticize it for not displaying the price of items , reference and their availability in the boutique. Some of them regret that they will be unable to order online or zoom in on products without diminishing the quality. However, most are happy that “finally” such Zara application exists.

The output of this application has generated some articles on thele web :

On Web Marketing Zara : Example failed iPhone app

Summary « “One finds himself before an iPhone app that is rather useless because it only enables to look through collections. Knowing the potential of an application for a merchant such as Zara, we expected to find some information in real time, coupons or geo-localized information or customers informing about stores with the most nearest supplies. The application offers only photos … ”

Comment « “This app is completely consistent with that they have always done till now. Zara does not consider itself as a retailer, but rather as a “designer of accessible fashion ” for everybody. For instance, they never use the advertising on billboards in the street. They never boast their price outside. Everything depends on the store that is the heart of marketing zara. In this sense their app is very similar to their website … “… »

On Maxitendance : Zara iPhone : application tendancy

« “The application Zara for iPhone and iPod Touch to discover the exclusive weekly news for women, men, youth, children, lookbooks and collections. An app available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish on the appstore, but on Android, Blackberry, Symbian of Nokia and Windows Mobile of course.”

Finally, some fashion brandsare represented except: Chanel, Allure Homme Sport, Nike ID, Vans, Celio, Adidas, Gucci, Lancôme, Dolce & Gabana, Les petites… CBelow are examples of Gucci and Lancôme.


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