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Technologies are at services of brands for their campaigns

This week digital marketing is marked by a strong engagement of science: algorithms, calculations and graphics have brought seriousness and advanced technologies into creative and really aesthetic campaigns. A short overview of this clever mix of brands, art and science.
Face of the City, Benetton makes an algorithm of ethnic mix of 6 fashion capitals
“There are no mannequins wearing our collections”, says Benetton: “they are a combination of all ethnic groups living in nowadays cities”. Being firm to their vision of united but very diverse colors, the Italian brand has engaged the 180 Amsterdam agency for its new video and posters campaign “Face of the City”. After sending photographers in order to commemorate the diversity of 6 major fashion capitals (London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Berlin and Paris), this campaign plunges into the numbers of ethnic combinations to mix clichés using various algorithms and presenting to us a gallery of beautiful, free and mestizo women representing their cities origins and dressed in Benetton. Even if the figures sources are not revealed a lot, this magic tour involving calculations enhances to the large extend the arty halo surrounding the angelic faces of women ambassadors of every city.

Infographics by Netflix – its own influence on the couple
The US streaming giant, to make speaking of it, takes advantage of Valentine’s Day with a malignant campaign where people learn about a couple and their relation to series. This campaign consists of one video, maybe zombie a bit, vibrating rhythm of “Orange is the New Black” and pink computer graphics in the colors of love (and where we discover that 25% of people find that the persons watching the same programs as them are considered to be more sexy … ). A nice buzz that is rather informative.

#CestAprevoir : Groupama proves its qualities of insurer via the net
Since January 2016, the mutual group uses twitter in order to show that it faces upon the most important aspect of its matter: insurance. At first sight the campaign seems to be simple one and transfers – via a nice graphical universe – to offers of the insurance group. But the originality of the campaign consists in being the most commented news on twitter. Yes, to foresee the buzz on the snowflakes or masterchefs obsession is a science, just like a probability of fire, road accidents or the fact that a student who went to city to follow a course would like to be able to pay his own hut…

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