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Famous Heros run Father’s Day

The marketing and advertising buzz of Father’s Day this year has even surpassed that of Mother’s Day. With original campaigns which make focus on hero characters. While Celio and Lego give their preference to Star Wars, the site of clothes and accessories Tous les Héros offers to win a Super Tee-Shirt with Super Héros preferred by fathers via participation in a special contest!

Celio makes buzz by displaying Dark Vador
The campaign with wild posters, a new collection and in shop contests was held by the brand of clothes for men on the occasion of Father’s Day and made the most impressive French buzz. Being called “On June 21, do not forget that I am your father” (« Le 21 juin, l’oublie pas que je suis ton père »), this campaign based on Star Wars was especially developed to highlight the new complete collection of clothes and accessories father / son (6-10 years old). The event was enhanced by in shop contests. Did it have only digital support? The posters were widely displayed as well!

Lego reinvents the game between father and son through Star Wars
The cult brand of toys offers to couples father and son to identify themselves with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and make teams to forge and take pictures of Lego vessels from the new Star Wars collection. A contest for the most beautiful vessel takes place, and the draw is scheduled for June 22. We would like to note that the roles are perfectly distributed by the agency Mr. White on the site: the son discovers the contest on the web, the mother helps only to correctly complete the form and the father intervenes to playing (!).

Tous les Héros makes fathers and sons play with their favorite characters
The French leader of clothes with hero characters, Tous les Héros has also offered to fathers and sons the possibility to play and win amazing prizes. An online quiz contest available at brand’s blog enables to win T-shirts. The lots offered: fifteen characters including Star Wars, as well as Batman, Superman, heroes of series like Breaking Bad … In addition to this contest, Tous les Héros offers such family activities as coloring and recipes specially edited for the Father’s Day on its blog.

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