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Halloween in Real Life

While some brands continue to hold contests and masquerade tutorials to celebrate the Day of the Dead a la American, the real thrill comes with marketing ideas this year 2015, it means getting outside the digital for December 31 when the horror becomes more authentic as it comes to your everyday life.
Multiplying contests on social networks…
Classic contests are still multiple, thus the video game Space Origine announces its support on networks that lasts from October 30 to November 8. The principle is simple, to find lots of more than 500 € worth. To do this, one must look through maps, pick pumpkins and virtually scratch tickets they contain. For its part, the Mama Shelter hotel launches a classic contest of disguises via instagram and Hashath #Scarymania followed by that of the city where the participants reside. Even Disney is content with making a quiz on its activities and offering to win stays and blu-rays from Evil movie. Halloween contests mechanisms are not very facetious this year? This is because the real buzz is in real life….

…But the real Halloween Buzz happens in real life
To mark the spirits of alive beings this Halloween party 2015, nothing can be better of a good transition to the real thrill. As usual, Airb’n’b has understood it very well by announcing a contest at the beginning of this month to win a night of horror … in the catacombs of Paris. A small piece of winning authenticity! Despite and perhaps even due to the polemics on whether the lucky winners would have some privacy or if they will be supervised by 12 guards, the buzz of this exceptional gift spread around the web. Is it preferred? Nothing more viral to win it: the idea of the quiz consisted in a motivation letter as it was formerly.
As for UK, Tesco has proceeded to the good old hidden camera recipe with gore and frightening parts on the shelves of a supermarket. Thus Halloween comes to the everyday life of consumers with a small video where we can see “ordinary” customers jumping of fear in real life by discovering bloody stumps in the freezer store. And at the same time a relay in youtube with 1.7 million views for this video without words and very simple…

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