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One month before Cop21, Brands give green light to their buzz

While the large UN conference starts in Paris on November 30 and just after the deceptive scandal related to diesel engines of Volkswagen, the climate and the environment have become the ace of trumps and brands reputation. The focus on the digital side of the buzz around COP21.
To tell about COP21, the internet users are interested in it
In October 2015, the COP21 was tweeted twice more compared to the Rugby World Cup. Even if all the aspects of the international climate conference that takes place in Paris at the end of November 2015 are sometimes quite obscure, Internet users want to know and understand. If COP21 has itself 45 thousand followers and gives the opportunity to put their questions online, the big buzz comes from elsewhere. The web has praised the clip both educational and unconventional by Nicolas Hulot that despite its width of 5 minutes 30, exceeded 1, 7 million of views. The schoolish come-back is a great opportunity for the presenter of Ushuaïa.

The brands make their pages in “green”
Labeled as an “Official partner of a low carbon world”, EDF is one of the sponsors of this conference and takes the opportunity to communicate the fact that over 30 years the company has “cut by half the carbon emissions”. Didactic, EDF reminds the dates and key figures of environmental conferences on its site and has developed a dedicated website « objectif 2 degrés » that brings to mind the objective of COP21: to keep the global warming below 2 degrees by 2020. On this dedicated web site EDF also enables users to interact by paying 1 euro in a pool of environmental associations per each post. A malignant strategy but institutional one to a large extend but that therefore has difficulty to gain in twitter (never more than a few retwitts on each multiple posts EDF). There are those who even criticize such an initiative, considering it to be the “greenwashing”, equally to the big announcement effects of oil companies (Total , BP, ENI , Statoil , Saudi Aramco … ) that gathered to 6 weeks conference to report on their environmental feats (-20 % of CO2 in the last 10 years). Finally, if start-ups and the French Tech universe are criticized for their manner not to raise the environment issues, COP21 is however the opportunity to surf on the Buzz for new services for “citizens” energy-saving as Velib’ or various carpooling sites. The entire night will be devoted to this innovation this December 4, 2015 at the Grand Palais. Code name? « Breakthroughnight » !

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