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News of January 6, 2016

Discover weekly en3mots most recent news on digital marketing. This first week of the New Year we start with a brief variegated full-bodied review.
Twitter will explode its 140 characters
Great debates on the web: As the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced their intention to annul the limit 140 characters on a post, would there not be the risk for the microblogging site of losing its identity when opening the space to long publications? The experts debate while the social network uses all possible means to halt the loss of speed and to keep renewing itself.
Reboost discounts by linking virtual and real stores
While Europe is increasingly aligning with the United States and the promotions offered by brands are related to the New Year, how to promote discounts in these two solemn moments? For those that started on January 6, 2016, the brands have decided to play the card of moving back and forth between the web and their stores. The tendency of 2016 is to avoid colissimo by using the e-ordering cards. In France, 58 brands (including Eram, Caroll, Andr√© and Guy Degrenne) have indeed offered an online ordering of discounted and wanted clothes and accessories that will be available in stores in 24 or 48 hours. The pleasure of shopping to “take advantage of discounts” is still existent, but you can choose even at night sitting in front of your computer.
Amazon starts a real experience in France
The giant that started by books denies that, but there are rumors about opening of a store in Perpignan, after the proved real book store creation in Seattle. More than points of sales or real anchorages, physical stores provide a physical experience quite different to e-commerce. Making away with record and book stores wasn’t ahead of time? We will find the answer in 2016.

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