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Displays – The grace of paper

It is well and good to want to be 2.0 or pass to it. It is nice to ogle on Google Glass in order to get to tomorrow’s world, but the good old physical displaying reign on the streets. The first Uber’s campaign in France is an opportunity to draw attention to some brands still being on the top of displaying on posters.

Uber and its pro-democratic word plays
You could not pass by it, the Uber outdoors displaying. This is for the first time in France for 4 years that the best known VTC service incites both anger and passion. For this campaign, the Marcel agency gave itself with a heartily pleasure in order to decorate the walls of 11 French cities with colors and “real people” representative of our beautiful country. And the idea of wordplay is there to support the very democratic concept that everyone uses Uber at any time of day or night. That the company being the symbol of the impact of digital technologies on the economy and the explosion of services (the famous “uberisation”) chooses posters to display itself, testifies the importance of “physical” reassuring that does not prevent the buzz of posters on the web …
Retro-style displaying to celebrate 70 years of l’Equipe
On the occasion of its 70th birthday celebration, the sports daily did not hesitate to involve the DDB agency which has created a full story campaign. Under the hashtag #JaiApprisAvecLEQUIPE the retro things are demonstrated in lesson mode, everything that they managed to display on paper and completely integrate into our brains. Some kind of vintage that easily passes from public space (4×3 display in the subway) to the buzz on social networks.
La Tribune displays its front pages
Passed from the daily format to weekly in 2012, here is another media maintaining the historical nature of paper. La Tribune has announced by a book of malignant futurology that it does renounce its front pages display. Imagining in Special Posters issue of 250 pages its front pages until 2045, the magazine tries to imagine many hazards of the economy and health modernization being on (an immortal baby, Airb’n’b Paris owner) without renouncing the idea of analysis displaying on paper headlines on the streets of our cities. Inspiring.
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