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Facebook changes, thus marketing strategies are changing too

With 1.32 billion of effective users per month, the giant trombinoscope is considered to be the Eldorado of brands. It blows hot and cold on their communication policy. The main menu changes of this fall: the fangate annulation, status incorporation and nicknames final sanction. The quantity is due to paid ads, while the community management is increasingly confined to the quality.
Fangate completion : decline in recruitment?
In August, seeking to encourage brands for active advertising space buying within it, facebook announced disappearing of fangate on November 5. This is a possible advantage for brands to acquire participants in contests to “like” their fan page. So, it is a crucial gesture that will seriously undermine the traditional mechanisms for recruiting new fans. But the various monitoring tools and info net want to be reassured, taking in consideration the positive point that the number of registered fans does not decrease, that the fans recruited will be more qualitative and finally they can use contests as real qualitative tool for community animation. When the extra points are not attainable with regard to quantity, one has to work on quality.
Opportunities: the ephemeral statutes
Not succeeding in repurchasing of the ephemera photo and video application even for the generous sum of $ 3 billion, Facebook revenged by developing the slingshot application. Now, due to such pen of James Bond, the statuses will be self-destructed after a period of time set by the user. With regard to marketing issue, it gives rise to special discounts operations or to contests enabling retaining of fans.
The end of nicks, a digital revolution for the stage
In order “to keep in touch with all the important people in your life” and taking in consideration that “the community has its advantages as being secure”, facebook announced that nicknames are no longer desirable in its pages. A lot of petitions circulate denouncing the closure of artists and musicians profiles. Now it is therefore possible for them to ensure their communication in their private profile and under their stage name on the social network. So they need to be known under their “real” name making mix of show and the private. Or switch to fan page and make of their pseudo a brand and a potential and proven client for social media. A change in perspective that especially penalizes the underground artists or those being unknown to the general public.

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