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Groups &Work, New Facebook

This week the most powerful social network (1.3 billion users worldwide) was on everyone’s lips with its 3 novelties.
App side: Facebook Groups
After Notifications, Paper, Rooms and Slingshot, the social media has officially announced the release of a new application: “groups” that is available on iOS and android. What is the principle? Push up the most active groups to which users have given their “like” to the highest range and allow users both free discussing and improving their sharing circles and confidentiality as well.
Niche side: Facebook at work
The rumor is circulating since the Financial Times has enabled information filtering. Facebook had a card up its sleeve consisting in social network project devoted to companies: «Facebook at work”. The principle is to ensure a balance between private and professional life making available simple to use communication tools of social network among private. A project enabling Facebook to get around some prohibitions of the companies considering that network distracts employees and to get larger audience due to this, as well as due to taking over the market shares of Linked in, viadeo or even google drive (for storage).
Advertising side: Facebook targets promotional posts
From January 2015, the new update of the Facebook news feed algorithm offers to meet the users’ wishes to review more private posts from their friends and less promotional posts from trademark pages. Therefore, it is a way for the social network to take mesures not agains advertising but against posts of community managers of brands when they are considered to be “promotional” (product promotion, invitation to purchase, recovery of the advertising content) . So these strategies will be subject to further changes in future.

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