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Les réseaux sociaux


These sites enable users to get together to exchange information (texts, pictures and videos) and, more generally, to communicate.


Each creates a virtual profile and establishes links with other profiles according to their affinities (personal, professional, common interests, family …).



  • 100 million users worldwide, including 3 million in France (August 2008)
  • established in 2006
  • 1st busiest network in network the world
  • 4th network in Europe
  • Specificity: Exportable applications


  • million users worldwide (April 2008)
  • established in 2003
  • 2nd busiest network in the world
  • 2nd network in Europe
  • Specificity: Strong presence of bands



  • 25 million users worldwide (January 2008)
  • established in 2005
  • 1st network in Europe
  • Specificity: Popular in the English-speaking world, especially in Ireland




  • 18 million blogs in the world (September 2008))
  • established in 2002
  • 3d network in Europe
  • Specificity: Target adolescent, young adults
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