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The En3mots review: buzz and brands to discover this week of February 17 , the site that allows you to find out any article you have seen in the press
Lara Rouyrès and Tatiana Jama, the founders of the e-site group had another great idea: to allow e-shoppers to find directly online the best luxurious objects they are looking for via a website. The concept is based on the belief that, in France, the press is considered to be the first trendsetter. Being remunerated at the source by brands as well as by e-marketing sites the tracking site refers to, Selectionnist is a completely free service for users. For now, the offer is focused on the women’s magazines editorial content headlines. However, they should quickly extend beyond fashion.


« Forget about the small papers », the Tumblr that cleverly plays with the brand names
With thirty press articles in 15 days, and with over 40 participation pages, Tumblr invites everyone to compose photographs collages playing with brand names. Sometimes through a post-it, these small papers suggest: “Michael Jack-SUN” “LANVIN BC” or “Your mother in string Pantene”. Such playing words being at the same tile sober and arty is worthy emulation on web.


petits papiers


The retro-macho card works perfectly on social networks: the case Khoury
With a simple cartoon image of fifties and a macho slogan: “Chocolate makes her fat, offer her something different for Valentine’s Day”, the Lebanese brand of home appliance Khoury had only to post on social networks to make the buzz. The controversy about sexism and stigma of strong women had swelled and made a significant echo. As crisis management, the brand has advanced it gently during such existing advertisement for male: “The teddy bears are for children of 5 years old.” Much more avant-garde isn’t it? Boys do not cry…



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