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The best of the Week April 28

As every week, the agency en3mots selects and analyzes the best information on campaigns launched on the web by different brands that worth attention…


Tinder , the new social network invested by brands?
With 750 million of subscribers worldwide, the dating geolocation application having erotic potential to which the brands are quite favorable. Many of them even tried to deviate Tinder. Thus, the Fox series “The Mindy Project” has created Tinder profiles for its characters in order to find for them lots of “matchs” and widen the audience. By playing the geolocation sheets, the Brazilian chocolate brand Black Caucau created sheets for its shops… Even Amnesty International had started there in March for Women’s Day by creating a sheet related to the idea of having choices. Being aware that Tinder this this 10 million people who decide to enter into a romantic touch, the trend is likely to increase gradually as the brands will build partnerships with the app and imagine new ways to divert its profile sheets …


mindy project


Nokia’s first campaign held by Microsoft
While the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft became effective on April 25, the first promotional video of the brand has just come out. Under the slogan “Not like everybody else,” Nokia shows individuals who are colored in a gray city, as and when the Windows 8 icons of their mobile enable them to express their personality. Nice and efficient.


Google Street view is the playing “back to the past”
Notice to streetmarketers and history and archives enthusiastic trademarks. The Google map service allows since Wednesday, April 23 to virtually walk through the spaces over a period of 7 years. Indeed, Google Streetview now offers to retrieve images and street maps as they have been immortalized since its launching in 2007. So one can relive the step by step construction of the Freedom Tower erected at Ground Zero. An initiative that should give grist to the mill for birthday campaigns of some brands!

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