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The En3mots review: the best of buzz this week of March 24

Facebook buying Occulus VR for 2 billion
A few days after buying Whatsapp for 16 billion, Facebook invests 2 billion more in the parent company of the Oculus Rift. Connected to a PC, this device launched in 2012 via Kickstarter and consisting of large ski goggles allows users to fully merge into a virtual reality. The first users’ evidences are very conclusive: they really have feeling to be immersed into another world. Firstly presented to gamers, this headset may soon affect us all. Mark Zuckerberg says he therefore made a bet on the future by investing in one of the key devices that will shortly connect us with another reality.



La famiglia Dolce Gabana
History for anchoring its history, the brand created in 1982 since the meeting of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, offers to users to post their family pictures on its website. With the hashtag DGfamily the operation is plunged into the imaginary of large families, Italian or otherwise, for a vintage atmosphere posted on a simple and elegant wall that makes think of Pinterest. No sales device or prize displayed behind to participants, just the intention to expose the past through the prism of tenderness and blood ties.


Carambar makes Arnaud Montebourg to be an involuntary face of its new campaign
The lanky caramel jokes worship was given as the challenge to promote them in the U.S. with the site. In a book shop a young man commissioned by a candy approached the Minister of productive recovery and convinced him to say, even with little insurance, “Good luck Carambar”. And from that, the various social networks of Carambar continue to use the video, making of Montebourg, despite himself, a kind of muse. The process is doubtful, but should raise the morale of politician to whom, according to the latest survey on “French fractures” made by IPSOS in January, 92% do not trust to political parties and 77% to the deputies. Ministers themselves, have a nice picture to defend sweets to the French way …


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