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Selfie, the undeniable marketing argument

Since Selfie by Ellen De Generes (with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and other stars) broke retweets records the last March 2 during the Oscar and since we have known that Samsung was the sponsor of the evening that gave them the idea to promote the Galaxy Note 3, the Selfie has become the new Eldorado buzz. Especially when enabling connection between average users and stars…


This year you will no longer recognize the “real” people being at flashes point trying to capture them on the steps leading up to the Palais du Festival de Cannes, but most likely their casual way to get a smartphone from the clutch to take a simple expert Selfie before entering the Holy of Holies… While this word has existed for ten years, Selfie changed its status in less than a year: before it was used in various marketing contests and events available on the web for an utilitarian purpose: to allow the user to slip into the situation or the clothes boasted by the pub by inserting there his or her image. In recent months, being considered the the fetish object and mirror of the soul, the Selfie became an amulet enabling any average citizen to identify himself with inaccessible stars to a tabloid. The double motion is put forward by the pub: while an anonymous user “immortalizes” himself by using a cliché, the people, they play the game (sometimes lucrative, often nice for their image) to put themselves in “commonplace” situations. Here are 3 examples of this trend being in vogue…


USA: AT & T and its “challenges” # BeTheFan
Throughout the autumn of 2013, the American telephone company has joint selfies, contest and students football by choosing the hero of the series Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet (over 600,000 followers on twitter) as a figurehead of games and regular challenges involving Selfies and enabling users to win their seats for the final tournament of the campus (College GameDay) on 6-th of January. The campaign was stamped # Bethefan and allowed the brand to reach 200 million of fans and followers…




UK: Cancer Researches having impact on the trend # nomakeupselfie
It was originally a spontaneous movement of British women taking pictures, as the hashtag indicates, without makeup. The movement boomed, stars like Michelle Heaton and Kym Marsh follow the trend and posts sometimes have the hashtag # cancerawereness. The cancer researches marketing management decides to reclaim a part of the trend to publish a selfie without make-up of a member of his staff with the message “We love your # nomakupselfie! If you want to help #beatcancersooner text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3.” For 6 days in March, in such a way the event has raised £ 8 million in donations. A great improvised marketing campaign selfie!


no makeup selfie


France: 30 Years of Film Festival will blow thousands of Selfies
The film fest launches a campaign nearly a month before its start on June 29. The event, which offers for three days the cinema tickets at 3.50 euros, is always highly awaited and is yearly accompanied by a traditional clip where French actors and directors play the game. But this year, to blow out its 30 candles, this celebration of 7th art has asked its ambassadors to take a selfie signed with an autograph. This is to encourage users to do the same, as part of a contest where they can win tickets. These pictures contain sometimes a little makeup, but Dominique Blanc, Marina Foïs, Anaïs Demoustier, Emmanuelle Devos et Edouard Baer, Géraldine Nakache, Patrice Leconte and many others, look well as “Mr. and Mrs. everyone.” the way to encourage the public to play the stars by taking selfies and going to the cinema…


fête du cinéma

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