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En3mots overview: when brands appropriate the Saint Valentine’s Day

All people being in love wait for the Valentine’s Day coming which falls on this Friday. A moment of intimate celebration when brands tactfully suggest the possibility of spoiling humans feeling happiness in their hearts. 3 effective case studies show that independently of the fact one has a sweetheart or not, Valentine’s Day is a universal platform.


For the people being in love, the countdown “red passion” Weleda started
The brand put itself forward by offering grenade weekend kits via a sensual message: “red passion”. Transmuting the fruit and seeds of sin into health and beauty asset, Weleda also opts for originality when it decides to recover the well-known mechanics of the advent calendar and create a quiz on the countdown basis. The last highlight? A very important partnership with Birchbox and Princess Tam Tam and the famous box “Princess TamTam undresses Birchbox” “Princess TamTam undresses Birchbox” as a super prize of this contest.


For those starving for tenderness, Pilot pens open their Cuddles counter
Combining business with pleasure and promotion of the tenderness pen Vsingpen evoked by the St. Valentine, Pilot opens downright a “Cuddles counter» in the center of Paris. This takes place during 3 days, from February 13 to 15, 17, Guisarde street, 75006 Paris, in parallel with a website dedicated to the operation, And an accolades program, from 10 am to 18h, from pilot guests and full of tender activities for singles who push the door. And on the website, a staggered content is promised to us.


pilot- saint-valentin


For singles (globe) clubbers, Singleair by Celio charters a plane
The clothing brand through a facebook app “Singleair by Celio” to go towards to events and primarily calls upon singles. The idea is simple: 4 by 4, males searching for love have to until February 11 to gather and compose a single crew. A first draw and a letter of motivation define who are the best bachelors February 14. These will be redesigned by James Sleaford , editor of GQ fashion before an evening partying with friends in London, Barcelona and Berlin. With this great buzz that knows how to run the St. Valentine day counter, no doubt that the brand will take off beyond its current 44,000 French fans on facebook.



Conclusion : Happy Valentine’s Day to all people being in love and also all those who are not …

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