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M-commerce : e-commerce future ?

With 85,300 merchant sites listed at the end of the first quarter of 2011 in France, 18,500 more per year (source Federation of e-commerce and distance salling), e-commerce is booming and record sales growth at the rate of 20% in the first quarter of 2011.

E-commerce is so successful due to web marketing effectiveness that allows companies to be present in the internet and quickly determine the impact of their campaign. The community management creation has also enabled e-commerce developing. The community manager is responsible for relationships establishing with a community such as bloggers on the internet and for trends analyzes.

E-commerce generates other forms on the web such as F-commerce: commerce on Facebook. Indeed, it is now possible for users to make purchases via Facebook. Brands through their fan pages enable members to select their products and be redirected to the official website to complete the payment. For example, the community management team of our agency En3mots created a tab e-shop for the brand American College allowing to purchase the products of this brand via the Facebook platform.

For today there is a new trend in m-commerce that is to say the purchase via smartphones. Commercial sites now offer you to make your purchases and pay on your mobile. Already 3.3 million of French have become “mobile users”. The first reason for m-commerce success consists in the internet connection lack in the area of location. Mobile users can then make their purchases from a mobile phone in any area.

The second indicated reason consists in lack of time especially when it comes to an auction or sale flash.

In this area too, the agency En3mots has succeeded in adapting to the nowadays demand by developing by instance an application for the same brand (American College) allowing users to buy products directly to the brand website.

The flagship of the “mobile users” includes inexpensive products such as books, CDs … But the products that are better sold through m-commerce are the train tickets.

M-commerce, however, faces the reluctance e-commerce has faced as well . Lack of confidence regarding the first payment finalization is the first reason frightening potential “mobile users” But the payment remains totally secured.

If you’re ready get started in m-commerce through the creation of a mobile application do not hesitate to contact our ervicepubliapp.

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