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Digital marketing: the Trends of the year 2014

In 2014, the En3mots team will weekly provide you with the last news related to digital marketing: buzz, community management, and new trends in this area will be revealed to you. So we begin with 5 essential directions outlined by the agency for this new year.

1) Culture is the main way to reach the public. While brands have contested areas of Grand Palais, the year 2013 was marked by reconciliation in the area of luxury and world culture. In 2014, other brands have recourse to chic and shock exhibitions or films to become quite public. The best example of this is the ongoing revolution of LEGO® Empire. Formerly intended for boys, small mythical plastic bricks has won female and the adults due to a traveling exhibition “The art of the brick” designed by former lawyer Nathan Sawaya and has already attracted more than 1.5 million visitors worldwide. With regard to the pictorial mode, the most world-renowned works pixelated LEGO ® by Italian artist Marco Sodano make noise since the beginning of winter. And finally, children and adults are impatiently waiting for the film “The Great Adventure LEGO” designed with lots of humor and done by Warner studios and that will be released in France on February 19… Therefore, culture is the new reliable mean to reach a buzz through all the world…



2) The text comes back. Being considered as buried and disqualified by videos and other tumblr, texts however began their great comeback in the campaigns of brands. At the end of the year 2013, Monoprix brought playing on words up to date, with a distinguished app enjoining users to create their own packaging by sending a message to friends or a wordplay. The height of chic? Send well-wishing to your relatives in the graphic code of the brand. The habitat for playing consisted of words, offering a very pretty alphabet, which targeted two main points of reminding the values of the brand and tempting the families with such nostalgic delightful art. Seriously, Gallimard has successfully relaunched the old tradition of quiz. Its application of literary quiz consisting of 2000 questions (80 of them free) has enhanced the image of the good old Trivial Pursuit. So, in 2014 we will focus on the words to give elegance to a communication operation.


3) Ephemeron is an outstanding value: A lot of things are revealed due to an image, and if despaired, it is considered as precious to the largest extend… When people are fascinated by an ephemeral photo application Snapchat, it is likely that already well-known brands, Instagram and Pinterest they will be able to step into the breach to the make buzz … While the media quickly dives, in 2014 a good communication shell be kept up to date to cause a lightning strike.


4) Retargeting, or the art of striking while the advertising iron is hot. This technique “consisting in displaying advertisements in the form of banners on websites after a user proved his particular interest for a product on another site” exists for several years already. However, at the end of 2013 Google and Facebook have launched successful and effective tools to optimize the performance of advertising campaigns. Big G. enables campaigns configuring – on its network display – available only to users who visited a website after clicking on a sponsored link. The world’s largest social network Facebook identifies profiles corresponding to the database described by an advertiser, and eventually searches similar profiles and displays on them a dedicated advertising. This system, called Audience, made get the firm of Mark Zuckerberg to the high-end logic for professionals in marketing area: the return on investment (ROI).


5) The end of the iPhone app? Although a recent IT study shows that ¾ of applications have increased their traffic in 2013, while websites lag behind and more than half of the websites fall to real decline, the tendency could indeed be reversed. The multiplication of tablets, the hegemony of Twitter and Facebook and responsive design, will they make part of applications uploaded for smart-phones? In 2014, it is well possible that people considerably reduce the use of their telephones to fall back on one or two flagship applications when doing their press review on the subway… A mini-revolution announced with regard to information usages and customs that will impact the sites being involved in comparison and recommendation and informing about the way how brands develop their applications.

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