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Business digital developer
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Content production

Our strength consists in editing several news sites every day (500,000 pages views per month). Our editorial team works both for our customers and for our support.

Content production for our customers & brand blogs

• We specialize in the production of multilingual content for communication.

– We write press releases and commercial texts of our customers in different languages according to their needs.

– For everybody, we use a customized approach to better to better meet the target audience.

– We also offer our editorial expertise in for brands blogs servicing.

Our informational sites

1 – En3mots – Concentration of news

• En3mots is an independent information service on the Internet that considers being neutral and entertaining. Real concentration of new, En3mots prioritizes information to make it more accessible to everyone.

2 – la Boîte à sortie: The blog cultural outings

• Openings, special events, critical pikes, and contests take place every day in the new headquarters of the cultural life. New Blog of the artistic and crazy nights, la Boîte à sortie enables to know last news on daily basis and for what it is necessary to pay attention.

3 – Paragraphs of Law: The Blog of legislation and jurisprudence

• More than observatory of legal life, “Paragraphs of law” is intended as a true tool of reflection

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