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Web Review : Web En3Mots #2

Social media

Twitter hashtag pages
June 11, 2012, source : Nuwave marketing

Twitter wants to launch a new functionality, page hashtag (#).

The idea consists in combining the “#” on a dedicated page and customized to the keyword colors.

On these pages, brands will be able to choose to highlight tweet that will be visible at the top of the timeline. So this new feature will allow brands to create a new form of content improved by twittos.

In addition, they will have the possibility to choose their background image and customize the header with the option of a logo, wording and photos.

For a user, the advantage of this system consists in the possibility of receiving notifications to follow the news related to with the hashtag.

This innovation will allow Twitter to open doors for advertisers and thus monetize content in more effective way.

The social network has launched a test in association with NASCAR (U.S. racing course) by posting the hashtag page, accessible to everybody.



WEB nuggets

An innovative interactive clip for the group ALBB
June 12, 2012, source: Golem 13

This week the Reims ALB group presented its new video exciting by its creativity.

Be signing CLM ODD, it shows the group leader who gets rid of his old business and sells them to finance the next album ALB.

The clip is in the form of a mini site where HTLM5 floating windows displays at every action of the musician.

These windows direct to the pages on which objects used by the character in the video are sold. And the viewer has the opportunity via the clip to go and buy a t-shirt on E-bay, a keyboard Audio Fanzine and some other objects related to sale site selling as it is adopted for him.
The viewer is no longer passive; he can also become a buyer. ALB agency CLM ODD without doubt gives us an overview of the clips of tomorrow.



A fee for users of Internet Explorer 7 on the Kogan website
June 14, 2012, source: ClubicInternet Explorer 7 browser, widely criticized by web professionals is fined by e-commerce site.Kogan specializing in the buying and selling of products has introduced a fee of 6.8% for browser users.

According to the e-merchant the incompatibility of Internet Explorer 7 with the newest web applications results in losing millions as regards to Internet to the economy.

To avoid this tax, the site visitors will be proposed to download another browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.


The figures of the week

The image of social media perceived by employers (computer graphics)
June 13, 2012, source: FrenchWeb

As today the social media are becoming more important in the business life, employers therefore establish usage policies for their employees.




USB typewriter
June 8, 2012, source: FrenchWeb


Information for fans of vintage, nostalgic for the technologies of the past. Back in the last century with the USB Typewriter that allows you to discover the sensations of the typewriter. Redesigned and equipped with a USB cable, you can connect an authentic typewriter to your computer or tablet and thus experience the joys of typing like in old times.

For handymen, you can try to construct your own computer with USB based on Jack Zylkin instructions, the inventor of the object on the instructable website.

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